About Us

We are a live stream production company with over 25 years of television broadcast experience. We have worked for some of the largest broadcast networks in Australia including Foxtel, Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, Sky and WIN Television.

Contact us today and let us live stream your wedding, engagement party, function or event.

Why Choose Live Weddings & Events?

The wedding video everybody wishes they had.  Our 4K cameras stream & record your wedding using professional broadcast equipment so that your friends and family can see and hear everything as if they were there.

Your fully produced stream is broadcast live, and a replay is available to watch by the time you are in the limo.

We can stream live to Facebook, or to a more private page where only those you share the link and password with will be part of your special day.

We stream weddings, funerals, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, religious functions, business conferences, internal corporate events, press releases, charity events, award shows and inaugurations. We can stream any event!

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